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Here are the steps from another source.

1. Start by using a Tripod.
2. Use a Remote Release.
3. Frame Your Shot.
4. Choose the best Focal Length

.5.Select the right Aperture.
6. Get your Shutter Speed Right.
7. Set your ISO.
8. Switch off your Flash.

Last year was my first year doing fireworks at Confluence. I still have to get the timing down when they shoot them off as to click on my remote.  After watching many videos on YouTube, taking my notes for both manual and bulb mode. I find these notes are my best ones compiled with in four different notes.  Have fun! I like to share with others what I have learned, to be inspired.  
I have found if I don't find out by myself no one is willing to share with me, so this is what my sharing to everyone to our group.  For years I had always wanted to learn Fireworks Photography. I am sure I can use photoshop to add other images, but until I learn how to blend images then this is what I can do. I hope all my notes can help someone else learn.

Nikon has an excellent tutorial relative to shooting fireworks. Here is the link.​​

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